Damu the Fudgemunk, Archie Shepp & Raw Poetic – Learning To Breathe

It’s hard to believe that this record you have before you is the first jazz record that Redefinition Records has put out. So, in true Redef fashion, they make a huge splash by putting giants in today’s game together along with an absolute legend in Archie Shepp. With Damu the Fudgemunk working his magic (and also taking turntable duties and vibraphone), Raw Poetic taking vocal duties as well as putting together the improv recording sessions (via having access to the masters) of musicians he had produced, the result is nothing less than stunning from start to finish. Now add in Archie Shepp, saxophone monster, and global ambassador to this thing we call jazz music, and this release is one of their most interesting to date.

It is an honor to work with Mr. Archie Shepp. We will cherish the memories for the rest of lives. I hope that these mixes translate the energy that took place in the studio to listeners of these works.- Damu The Fudgemunk

The paths of hip hop and jazz crossing are nothing new. Between the sampling of jazz records or the infusion of live jazz musicians to play behind a rapper, the genre has been an important part of its history. Redef takes it to another level, with a very unique feel and sound. Ocean Bridges was created without any label’s direction, and the flow from beginning to end is indeed a very natural one. The ideas are experimental but don’t feel forced, but rather logical and organic. So think Sun Ra, think Miles when he went electric, or think Fela playing the groove until the sun comes up. The music is all about freedom. It’s all about the journey and history up until right now. This is the record the world didn’t know it needed, and you’ll understand when you listen. Listen to “Learning to Breathe” below, then stream the rest of the record as well as ordering the record from Redef after.

Get the record here.

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