PREMIERE: PYJÆN – Bittersweet

It’s hard to get lost in the world today. Fortunately, we have London’s PYJÆN. We featured this talented band a while back with their track “Sage Secrets” and today we have another winner with “Bittersweet” off the Sage Secrets EP of the same name. While this track may not be as funky as the former we highlighted, it’s got some much-needed energy to start your week off with. Slow-burning guitar gives way to some superb horn work, coupled with a steady backbeat, and the addition of guitar and more horns really shows the diversity of band itself. It’s a track for a rainy day, it’s a track for those who not only love jazz (free or fusion), but of those who can appreciate a band like this pushing the boundaries of the genre(s). This over six-minute opus of a track is definitely one that will be on the radar not to just the left of the dial radio stations, but also for those that like to take chances and live a little bit on the edge with their tracks. PYJÆN have already been making waves in this industry, and with “Bittersweet”, they solidify that their sound and vision will be appreciated in the times to come. Strem the track below and pre-order the vinyl after the stream.

Pre-Order here.

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