Tensei – Speak Your Truth

Today we hear the latest from Chicago duo Chris Kramer and Midas Wells also known as Tensei. Following up on their last effort Constellate, which was highly praised by critics and fans alike, they give us Speak Your Truth. This record brings an international roster of singers, musicians, and rappers to the table who take a variety of genres and put them together seamlessly. Touching on inspirations of deep house, funk, golden age hip hop, salsa, electro, and more, they’ve put together this record in studios all across the Midwest and in Canada over the last half a year or so. We get a listen at their first single off the record “Speak Your Truth” here midweek. This single features Chi-town based rapper ADaD and Denver singer/ rapper/ beatsmith Crl Crrll (Red Bull Music Academy, Anderson Paak, Jamie XX, and more). This track gives us some Golden Age energy along with a jazzy, latin dance floor mid-’90s feel, as AdaD spits effortlessly and Crl Crrll moves with the vocals all day long. It’s a positive swing here people, and we’re happy that a record like this has been released smack dab in the middle of what we’re dealing with as a nation here and now. “Speak Your Truth” is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that you need to speak up about your own truth, take a look at yourself and dig deep to find out who you and what you need. No bullshitting here, this track is indeed one of the best things you will hear today. Listen to the track below:

Get the album here.

Dig Deeper!

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