Cochemea – Chito’s Song

Today’s slice of goodness comes out of the Daptone Records camp and the latest single from an artist that has been a favorite of ours since he came out on the label. Their own Electro-Sax Space warrior, Cochemea Gastelum, or just Cochemea, is back once again with a track from their Tommorow’s Hits Today series and gives us “Chito’s Song”. Taking the themes from his beautiful debut effort All My Relations, he goes further into the cosmos with this latest track that’s dedicated to his uncle. This was a man who’s free spirit would go on to influence his musical prowess and with their shared love and devotion to music, help Cochemea along the way. This smooth, spiritual journey, fueled by percussion and of course beautiful saxophone is something the listener needs to really focus on. It’s soothing, and in these trying times, an aural guidance to peace through song. Listen to this track closely, it’s definitely a winner. If this song is the essence and spirit of Uncle Chito, then we feel like we know the man already by just listening to this track. His peaceful, calm demeanor and loving nature are captured perfectly in this instrumental song. Open your mind with this track and be free, as this is the place to be. Check out the track streaming below, and buy it after the stream via their Bandcamp page.

Get the track here.

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