The White Blinds – Brown Bag b/w Muddy Water (Homage Series)

F-Spot Records return with some more heat from their Homage Series of forty fives with bands reinterpreting some of their favorite tunes, and this one is no less than an absolute scorcher. West Coast organ trio The White Blinds open their musical window coverings and let the sun shine in bright with a cover of the classic Ivan “Boogaloo” Jones tune “Brown Bag”. High octane and cooking with gas (jet fuel to be exact) Duffy, Hornbeck, and Frank take off hard with this tune. The three really know their past and they also know their future as well, as they hit the nail on the head again with the B-Side “Muddy Water”. It’s authentic 1960’s soul-jazz with a heavy-hitting backbeat and a standout organ, let us not forget the beautiful guitar work from Matt Hornbeck, who helps lead the charge all the way through. If you’re not familiar with the greats: McDuff, Smith, Scott, McGriff, Patton, Holmes, and others (plus the all-star line up of sidemen who played along with them, great musicians in their own right) and these tracks are speaking to you, it would be in your best interest to really go back and hear how the originators influenced this really great modern-day incarnation of what soul-jazz is and continues to be here in 2020. We’d be remiss to not recommend The White Blinds previous full length if you can get your hands on it as well, they really can not put out a bad record. With a standard black 45 available as well as 150 translucent orange limited edition records, this record will not only sound perfect on your turntable but look good next to your soul-jazz records as well. This release is slated for July 17th on F-Spot Records. West Coast breezin’ at it’s finest with these fine gentlemen providing the soundtrack. Stream both sides below:

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