The Du-Rites – Jheri Curl” b/w Du-Vibrations

While th new The Du-Rites record has been released in some pretty trying time, it was recorded over last winter, when the stock market was still high (if you care about that kind of thing), there was no social distancing, and oh yeah, a global pandemic that shut down many industries including the music industry and the live shows that went along with it wasn’t around yet. And although the record plants were clogged up enough with RSD products like The Ghostbusters Soundtrack or Britney Spears picture discs, this grip of greasy funk still took almost four months to press (but seriously, RIP to the main record plant that supplied vinyl record plants with their supplies too). It’s well worth the wait and almost as the industry needed this record. Not almost, it did. So did the people. “Jheri Curl”, an homage to that greasy ’80’s haircut because “life gets rough and you have to take it easy” as J-Zone says is one of their best to date. Gritty, greasy, and funky all rolled up into one, this record knocks from start to finish. Throw in some lo-fi funky organ along Pablo Martin’s magic and you’ve got a funky good time. The flip, “Du-Vibrations” is an all-around funk freakout, reminiscent of those regional records where the whole family got involved as it was recorded live and you heard a dog barking or some Bic lighter being lit as somebody smoked. It’s a kitchen sink of funk and perhaps The Du-Rites were way ahead of the times with this seven inch as the world needs love right now, and jheri curls. Check out both sides below and put a napkin under the record on your turntable so the grease doesn’t fly off on to your furniture.

Get the record here.

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