Flea Market Funk x Soundwaves Radio L.A.

For those of you who want to hear some music coming out of the Flea Market Funk camp, we’ve got some news for you. This weekend, we’ll be on the mighty KPFK in Los Angeles on the Soundwaves Radio program. We submitted an exclusive mix for hosts Seano, Val the Vandals, CeeBrown and Dewey Sanders to be played on episode #581 on 90.7 FM and KPFK.org. I’ll be alongside guests The Gaff and DJ Expo with an all 45 RPM mix of some funky tings I’ve been holding on to for a little bit and on the low during this pandemic as well as some seven inches I just completely love to play. For those of you not familiar with Soundwaves, their past guests have included Skeme Richards, DJ Day, Rhettmatic, Buscrates, Sticky Donahue, Mad Skillz, and more. They’re well respected and it’s an honor to be on the airwaves with the crew. For those late night owls, the show is 2am to 4am. It’ll be archived if you’re not up at 5am Saturday here on the East Coast (although some Left Coast people told me it’s too late for them there!). We are psyched for you to hear the mix, and hope you dig. As always, thanks for the support, thanks for tuning in, and stay safe out there. Peace!

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