Leoparden – Høyt Oppe

More music coming out of the Lyskestrekk Records camp once again and it’s a hot lava baby. A new single from Leopardern, “Høyt Oppe”, an amuse bouche for the Summer treats to come is up close and personal on the dance floor. Hitting all the soulful, disco space jams, this one is like an early 80’s late night grind jam that just keeps going on and on until the lights may or may not come one. The track is mesmerizing and those of you who dig the spacey vibe that’s being laid down will no doubt bust a move exactly where you are. It’s just got the right a mount of sleaze for the discotech. These late night vibes do not end, either. As the track starts to go out, we’ve got a whole another party happening. Then we have the B-Side, “Løpebass”, another groove to make your body move. It’s got synths for days and you can just see that working the floor from start to finish. An excessive amount of heat coming from the label and arriving on a dance floor near you. You’ve got to keep dancing people, and Lyskestrekk Records stay consistent. Whether it’s afro beat, disco dropping space tracks, or funky stuff in between, they are ready to hang that No Parking On The Dance Floor sign up wherever they go. Check out both tracks below and per-order the seven inch after the stream.

Pre-Order the record, out July 4th here.

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