The Harlem Gospel Travelers – Nothing But His Love

It’s always a good day when Colemine Records drop a new record, but especially bright when it’s a new side from The Harlem Gospel Travelers. This is the sixth week of their Brighter Days Ahead music series (where each week, all the Bandcamp sales of the track go directly to the band), and its produced some fantastic tracks in a short time. The Travelers, who wowed listeners and lit up turntables around the world with their forty five and full length are back once more with “Nothing But His Love”. A full on joyful noise to the Lord and to everyone who is listening from start to finish. If this record can not put a smile on your face, then take off your mask, look in the mirror and slap yourself hard. Feel better? You awake now? With beautiful harmonies, a steady backbeat, and energy for days, this track is not only a deep gospel track in its message, it’s got that Colemine signature soulful sound, quite honestly a trait they will be known for as future generations. Although we’ve been down with Colemine for more than a decade, the label is still getting discovered on the daily and the power and determination of the label and its stable of artists is moving out further into the world. It’s not just the music, which is a huge part of it, but the Cole Brothers, who have found their niche and ran with it. If you told us that in 2020 soulful gospel music would be making mainstream audiences and record collectors jump for joy, we wouldn’t have believed it. But here it is, the truth right before you. Grab this ray of sunshine in “Nothing But His Love” and run with it this morning. Listen to the track below.

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