Son of A Pitch x DJ Suspect: Alice Donut – Nino Fourrure

Coming straight out of France and Eugene, Oregon, the man known as DJ Suspect, French purveyor of musical style, turntables, selector, producer and basketball fanatic (don’t let him get you in the low post) links up with Off Records and Son of a Pitch to bring us “edits from jerky French songs”. Whether you find them to be jerky, familiar, unfamiliar or the like, there is a common thread throughout these two sides of the record. They are funky. They are quirky. They are what some people would call weird. But that’s ok because they are bad ass. The reworking of C’est Pas Prudent” by Alice Dona, with the funky organ injected with a hard beat behind it will please the most discerning head who is confused. It’s a tougher than leather relick that will have you bopping up and down to that sexy French sound baby. It definitely swings. The flip, an edit of “Le roi d’Angleterre” by Nino Ferrer is a great take on an already bad ass track. This one has B-Boy written all over it. It’s fitting because this is the kind of heavy shit Suspect is known for in his sets.

This is a collaboration/ match made in heaven. It’s also the kind of record that really doesn’t stick around long if you know what we are saying. These one offs (well let’s hope this might be a continuing series and collabo) are the 45s you say to yourself “Why didn’t I get that?” or “I didn’t know that was even out!”. Well, you do now, so don’t say that we didn’t warn you people. Have a listen to both tracks streaming and then purchase the record from the bandcamp link after the music. This one is a killer 45 that we can not get enough of.

Get the record here.

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