The Tigers Den – North East Groove

More hot, hot heat coming oout of the Cannonball Records camp and this time we’ve got a splendid little seven inch from Tigers Den posse and “North East Groove”. Cannonball have been really laying down the groove on the label, which gets broadcast throughout the world quite nicely we might add. With a roster of releases that include bangers from Grace Love, Cliff Curry, Big Lee Dowell, Sander Sisters, Jones & Gaston and the Cannonballs, this label is enjoying a niche in the vinyl record community nicely. So when it came time to release some music from the Northern Italy city of Pordenone by some cats that have been doing it well and keeping it funky by holding it down in their own way, of course they had to get it out to the world. Known for keeping the party going to the break of dawn whenever they are making music or keeping the groove in Italy and around Europe via DJ gigs, this clique really drives it home with this sound. Whether it’s combining pure funk with house, or making people move to their music, the spirit and moxie are all captured nicely on this forty five. This track has strings, plenty of percussion, and some disco-ish guitar fuel the vehicle that is the “North East Groove”. It’s everything it claims to be. A hot groove to say the least. This is a record that could be played in prime time dance or super late to wake up some of the eyes squinting as the sun comes up, giving dancers one last hurrah before they deck off to wherever they go at 7am. The break down is massive and, of course, the record continues on in all its glory with all killer and no filler. Hail hail to Cannonball Records, they’ve got a certified banger here in 2020. Listen to the track below and pre-order the forty five, available in late July.

Pre-order the record here.

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