Jungle Fire – Together

With the love of mankind flowing through them, Jungle Fire are back with their first vocal track on a record. This side, however, is no stranger to the band. A staple of their live sets, it’s played as an interlude between original songs. When they are fortunate enough to call up the uber talented vocalist Jamie Allensworth (who also is featured on this record)on stage, it always bring the house down! This is a belter of a version of this Ray Barretto’s classic. The track we’re talking about is “Together”.

It’s BEEN time to collectively acknowledge that we’d be nothing without Black people and culture. Toward this end, we urge all our friends, family and fans to support Black whenever and however possible. There are many, many ways to do so and this is but one.

A powder keg of percussion that explodes and exploits all of your senses in its original form, Jungle Fire elevate an already heavy track as it grabs the audience by the collar and says: “Move over or we’ll move on over you” with this song. Carrying on the tradition of playing music that originated via African culture with the spirit of the many descendants of the diaspora globally, they have decided to release this very special record at this important time. Acknowledging that we’d be nothing without Black people and Black culture, they will donate all of the proceeds from this record to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Remember these words people:

I know a beautiful truth, and it’s helped me be free
I know I’m black and I’m white and I’m red, yeah
The blood of mankind flows through me
And so in every, in every face I see
I see a part, I see a part of you and me

No truer words right now in 2020 and of course, Jungle Fire is lighting the way with their version of this classic. Listen to the record below and order the digital version (it’s for a good cause!) after the stream. Visuals for this track provided by Visions Collage (look for an interview with the man behind the collages and a member of Jungle Fire very soon!).

Get this track here.

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