The Heavy Sounds – Honey Driver

When Lugnut Brand Records came on the scene with The M-Tet, the funky professors brought a West Coast raw sound to turntables and stages all over. It was a breath of fresh air, as they, along with bands like The White Blinds, brought the organ back up front once again. The glory days of heavy, funk organ, soul jazz, and bluesy jazz were back in effect. As the label grew, adding more acts and opening up genres, they’ve been known for always putting out quality material. Their latest release is from The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois. Meet The Heavy Sounds. With a hat tip to bands like Booker T. and the MG’s, The Heavy Sounds lay down a polished organ led track in “Honey Driver”. It’s got what producers might call “the sound”. Not too hard and in your face, but with a course set to Soulsville and in complete control, “Honey Driver” ticks all the boxes for a classic sounding side. Booker T. would be proud of these chaps. A tad above slow burning, this train chugs in at medium pace but really packs up a punch. The fuel is led by the organ, which gets the spotlight (and deservedly so). Is it 2020, or is it 1967? The listener doesn’t know, but in reality, it doesn’t matter. If you found this in a bin, with all the snap, crackle, and pop of crate digging, you would think it was from a bygone era. This my friends, is one a helluva song, and Lugnut Brand Records continue to further the culture and the music by putting this out on the label. This is easily one of our favorite tracks to be released this year. For those of you that have not dipped your toes in the water with a band like this, what are you waiting for? Come on in, the organ trio/ quartet pool is fine. It’s warm, sometimes really hot, but most of all funky. This Midwest grit shines through just lovely from Chi-Town to all over the world. LIsten to the track below and pre-order the record, available July 17th from Lugnut Brand.

Pre-order the record here.

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