Leron Thomas – Blind

How about some G-Funk with your breakfast this morning? Leron Thomas returns once again with a laid back track that you can lean back in your ride with but also bop your head to at your desk as well. With a taste of what we’re going to hear on his upcoming release, here’s the side entitled “Blind”. A metaphor for choices in life by making rice and beans, we are definitely feeling not just the song, but its message. It’s something we all can relate to. Here’s what Leron had to say about the track itself:

Blind is a song about making one’s day to day the excuse for one’s lack of participation in self-growth. Do beans and rice start off as a biproduct of someone’s budget or diet? It’s not clear. But by the end of the tune it seems to become the reason to keep going, at least in the subject’s eyes. But tinged with a feeling of doom and despair. Thus, beans and rice ultimately becoming the main excuse for choice of lifestyle. We all have our beans and rice – relationships, kids, job, etc.

It’s for sure a slow burning, roll your window down, turn up the bass and turn down the treble type of side that we can definitely get behind. The video for the track is pretty out of site as well. Thomas, known for his collaboration with Iggy Pop and as a solid artist all on his own has really given us some gold here from his forthcoming release on Lewis Recordings More Elevator Music. Check out the track and dope video for “Blind” below.

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