Mama’s Gun – This Is The Day

Revisiting their classic 2017 track “This Is The Day”, Mama’s Gun jump back into this forty five with a full band and the soul outfit really tugs on our heart strings as well as breathes new life into an already dope track with this version. Summoning some West Coast sunshine on this side to Old London Town, they elevate to higher levels with this soulful stroll through the park. It’s all there: beautiful, dreamy yet soul filled vocals, sleepy Rhodes (that you notice but yet don’t, blending in perfectly), slick bass line, beautiful guitars, and a back beat that keeps it all together from front to back. While the original on the LP was vocals and piano, the updated version is a hip, Laurel Canyon feel; late ‘60s/ early ‘70s sunshine soul for your head. And in these trying times, who doesn’t need something like this? This is the definition to us of a sunny track. It’s the same feeling we get when we put the needle on a Ned Doheny record. It instantly brightens up our day. Is it a coincidence that these lyrics:“the sun shines brighter, than it did before/ and a voice inside you says/ what are you waiting for?” speak to you so clearly? We think it’s a sign. A sign that everything is going to be alright. The flip side is the track “We”, a favorite from the Golden Days record. Listen to the track below, and grab it as this is the first time both are issued on a seven inch. Both Legere Recordings and Mama’s Gun have a bonafide hit on thier hands with this one. Don’t sleep modern soul lovers.

Get the record here.

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