El Michels Affair – Dhuaan b​/​w Sha Na Na

After dipping their toes last year in the pool of psychedelic Bollywood and Turkish inspired funk with the unique and fire “Unathi” and “Zaharlia”, El Michels Affair are back again with another forty five that puts their legs fully into this world in 2020. This is just another taste once again of this sound that will be a full body immersion sometime in 2021 with a release of an entire Lp of this music entitled Yeti Season. Teaming up with once again the ever talented vocalist Piya Malik (Say She She)to proceed to give us what we need, “Dhuaan” picks up where the other seven inch left off. With the enchanting voice of a siren, Malik’s voice floats perfectly over the fuzzed out guitars, a relentless, hitting barrage of drums, and the hypnotic sound of a twelve string guitar. Her voice grabs all of your senses and brings you right in, as she sings in Hindi about an all consuming love interest, one that takes over your body. Intense stuff, and if you have seen her perform, you know how powerful her voice really is. The flip side, “Sha Na Na” is another guest appearance by the El Michels Affair alum and another mesmerizing voice, Shannon Wise from the Shacks. If you recall, on Adult Themes, Wise’s dreamy voice stole the show on a couple of tracks. But before that, if you were a fan of her work with The Shacks, you already knew what she was capable of. This is seriously great to hear from the band, and once again, their versatility to go from deep funk and soul to cinematic soundtrack and library music to world influenced psychedelia is just proof that they’re firmly planted and not going anywhere for a long time. Listen to “Dhuaan” below and order the forty five after the stream.

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