Mac McRaw: 60 Raw Ones – Straight Out The SP!

Mac McRaw is back once again with a new project for all the B-Boys, B-Girls, DJs, Producers, Breakers, and all those who love the classic sounds coming straight out of the SP1200. Crafting beats that snap necks and wreck shop, Mac gives us 60 raw beats from 1993 to 2020. These beats are all on one disk, are ten seconds only and run like a mix tape. The cool thing is that they run from slowest to fastest beat, 84 BPM to 120 BPM. Inter-dispersed with SP1200 lyric samples and drops from legendary DJs and producers like Audessey, Breakbeat Lou, Boogie Blind, Chucky Smash, Danny Dan The Beatman, DJ Nu-Mark, Dooley-O, Forrest Getem Gump, Gensu Dean, Johnny Juice, J-Zone, Lewis Parker, Mr Supreme, Mr Walt, Oxygen, Phill Most Chill, Skeme Richards, and UGeorge, this is one mix tape we can definitely get behind here in 2020. There is also actual film dialogue cut in from a 1990 mini-disc that was originally to be used on a mixtape from the same year. So, it’s marinated for 30 years until right now. That’s about as authentic as you can get. It hasn’t aged one bit. Holding the whole project together are minimal classic scratches, which only add more authenticity to the project. Mac McRaw is a dope DJ as well as a respected producer. With artwork once again by frequent collaborator Mr. Krum and logo by Richie Pho, this one is a winner. Once again you hear the dope stuff from the big dog Mac McRaw. Listen to the project streaming below and cop this for yourself after the stream.

Get the project here.

Buy the cassette from AE Productions.

Dig Deeper!

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