Soul Revivers feat. Ernest Ranglin – Harder

Here’s a treat at the almost week’s end as we see reggae veteran Nick Manasseh and David Hill back on the storied Acid Jazz label once again as the Soul Revivers release a bang up track with reggae legend, guitarist Ernest Ranglin. The 87 year old really shows no sign of stopping and with his influence quite apparent here, the forty five “Harder” couldn’t describe this veteran of Studio One and more. The man works and plays guitar harder than most half his age.

Nick and I have loved the music of Ernest Ranglin since the 80s, which was when we first discovered the unique sound of his guitar on those classic Studio One rhythms. Collaborating with him has been a joy and a blessing. David Hill, Soul Revivers

This instrumental track moves along effortlessly like the palms blowing in the Summer breeze, both Ranglin and the Soul Revivers giving their all and produce the authentic island sound that you’d expect coming from all of these veteran players. There is no playing around here, as reggae royalty is in the house. Paying tribute to reggae’s past and collabing with one of the baddest reggae guitar players on the planet, “Harder” is a look at what’s coming next for their full length No More Drama on the Acid Jazz Label which is currently being recorded. Although they have one of their heroes so far on the cut, they’re happy to pay tribute to reggae itself, but don’t hover in its past, rather use that as fuel to the fire for their own sound in the present and beyond. The track has been getting applauded by the likes of Gilles Peterson and David Rodigan, so if they give their stamp of approval, then that’s about as official as it gets (along with Ranglin appearing on the track as well). We look forward to this full length and stay tuned for more Soul Revivers here on Flea Market Funk. This one is out to the public on July 31st.

Listen to the record below:

Pre-order the record here.

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