Feeling This Friday: Brelstaff

We’ve had some really great artists roll through the pages and airwaves of Flea Market Funk in the 13 plus years we’ve been on this wild ride of music, art, fashion, movies, books and anything else that represents DJ and vinyl culture. This artist, formerly known as Daryl Donald and his record Kept was one that we always revisited again and again. Well, DD is back again with another project: Brelstaff. Coming straight out of Edinburgh, Scotland, this new, all instrumental record is really a treat. Chock full of head nodders and feel good tracks, this is what we expect when think of a beat tape or release of this kind. Somewhere a mixture of Pete Rock and DJ Cam, Brelstaff moves effortlessly through heavy drums and airy samples, leaning on the synth and Rhodes at times, a horn stab here and there, and deep bass, crafted superbly into one long story of aural delights that flows like the Water of Leith. Lots of Standouts on this release which include “Coltrane”, “Easy Peeler”, “Leaving” and “Master of Some”, but to be perfectly honest, the whole record is dynamite from start to finish. Speaking of, somebody grab this thing and get it on vinyl before we put it out on Flea Market Funk. The evolution of of Daryl Donald to Brelstaff has been a bunch of years in the making, and of course we love to see people mature as artists, pushing the envelope of their careers and touching people all over the world with their music. This is another story of that. Our take: don’t stop making music Brelstaff, you’re on to something great. This self titled record proves it. Listen to the project below, name your price and support independent artists whenever you can.

Get the project here.

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