PREMIERE: Magic In Threes – Stay In Your Lane b/w Measley Peace

Ending the week off with a bang today with a crew that has been laying it down in a big way since 2010. A decade later, they are still putting out superb music with a sixth forty-five, this time on the always colorful King Underground Label. The band has always been bobbing and weaving the mainstream music scene and has created a space for themselves all these years. This is definitely not their first rodeo, so these veterans out of Nashville light it up on a record that will definitely be sought after in years to come. The A-Side, “Stay In Your Lane”, illustrates perfectly what we’re talking about. When other bands, who try to get that vintage sound may go over the top to reach the pop charts with and unauthentic sound, Magic In Threes does exactly what the song says. They keep it real, stay in their lane, and in the end put out a very cinematic, library funk style side. If you’ve heard their past music, you know they take making authentic funk music seriously, and this foray into library music is a great move. Where they really butter their bread though, is the flip, “Measley Peace”. This one is a tight library track as well. It’s got that 70’s b-movie or cop television show vibe. Smooth like the aforementioned butter, Magic In Threes coming through again! Both tracks are tops in our book, but we’re favoring the B-Side, which wins again in our ears. This record is King Undergrounds Record Store Day record in the UK, available August 29th and in a limited run of 500 pieces. Listen to both sides of the 7” below:

Get the record here.

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