Joe Baer Magnant & The Ready – Runnin’ Persuasion

As the Lugnut Brand family grows bigger, we’re always happy to see and hear new music coming out of the West Coast camp. The label has been very busy during this pandemic, and honcho Chris Lujan has some treats in the works that we will be highlighting very soon. However, we’re here to speak on Joe Baer Magnant. It’s been one heck of a ride for this talented musician and company, and if this lockdown/ pandemic/ stay at home crisis has showed us one thing, it’s that there are some insanely talented individuals out there. This man is one of them. This single is a product of that. “Runnin’ Persuasion”, a track that the labels describes as “an action packed instrumental track that taps into the feeling of putting your arm around your sweet thing, stepping on the gas, and getting the hell out”. We’d like to add to that and mention that it’s a late sixties sounding shiner that has one packing up and getting the hell out of dodge. Not much baggage, but just enough to keep the portable record player, some Otis Redding and Little Beaver records and a 35mm camera close by to capture the journey while enjoying the scenery. This one has some funky keys and a swinging guitar, not to mention an backbeat that knocks. It’s a single that could easily fit into a soundtrack somewhere for the very aforementioned reasons we stated. It’s about breaking free. It’s about the open sky, but most of all, it’s about feeling good. “Runnin’ Persuasion” does that and more. Listen to the single below, which will hopefull make it to a 45 at some point. Support independent music and the great music they make.

Get the record here.

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