The Allergies – Get Yourself Some

With another hit from their Say The Word long player, The Allergies come correct once again, because funky music is a must for this dynamic duo and preservers of the genre. If you are not familiar with the funk and soul machine that is The Allergies, then please get familiar. They are one of the leading bands who are keeping the fire lit in the party funk scene, and their collabs with many notables such as Andy Cooper (formerly of Ugly Duckling) and more have kept them bobbing and weaving while ultimately still standing with their own funky brand in the boxing ring we all call music. On “Get Yourself Some”, the party starts right here and now as the two keep it simple while laying down the funky cut that it is. With heavy, drums at the front action, some harmonica laced throughout, and driving, in your face vocals, this one is just added to their list of party starters. They have always been innovative; whether it’s a hip hop, funk, soul, or B-boy track, they are ahead of the curve. This one’s another sure shot, and while you won’t be seeing them live at any time soon (maybe a live stream), by the time the stages are set for an audience, the world will be well prepared from this last record to blast off on the dance floor. “Get Yourself Some” is further proof that these chaps have the minerals to get the groove going and the party started wherever they are. Join this funky movement, won’t you? Listen to the track below and buy the vinyl after the stream. We particularly like the Lp/ T-Shirt bundle with exclusive artwork. Dope stuff.

Get the record here.

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