Stuck Off The Realness

“I got you stuck off the realness, we be the infamous…” is burned into the heads and minds of hip hop heads throughout the world. There is no doubt that Mobb Deep is one of the illest to ever come out of Queensbridge and do it. So it’s fitting for the deep heads over at 88 Strong to come out with their own tribute to Havoc and Prodigy with their latest limited edition tee shirt. The Mobb Deep Shook Ones Part II tee is now available in limited quantities for you to rep the band and the hip hop game. But as we wrote about before 88 Strong has been putting out special tees, hoodies and the like that pay tribute to the culture. From record labels to artists to their own designs, they are slowly becoming the choice of DJs, producers, and heads who want to rep their specific label, soul, jazz, reggae, rap, blues, DJ/ vinyl culture and off the beaten path performer or label. They do it well and tasteful, and keep the culture alive.

So it’s no surprise that they took a shirt that not only tributes one of the most well loved sample, lyrics, and head nodder in “Shook Ones Part II. If you are a fan of this 12” and the band, but let’s get real, the culture, then you’re at the right place with 88 Strong. Check out more tees from 88 Strong below.

88 Strong Website.

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