Liam Bailey – White Light

Last year’s Flea Market Funk’s song of the year winner Liam Bailey is back in 2020 with some heat for us to put our ears around. Since the pandemic, Bailey has been going live on social media quite often, answering questions, singing, taking requests, and being present for his fan base in a huge way. But the man has also been busy too, and this new single “White Light” off of the long awaited full length Ekundayo on Big Crown is a pure gem. The full length’s title translates to ‘sorrow becomes joy” in Yorba (West Africa) and is quite interesting. When we first heard Liam, we were going through some pretty tough times, and just listening to his music was able to change the headspace tremendously. We know we’re not the only ones, his music gets into you. The single “White Light” itself has Bailey going right into his reggae vibe once again, hitting hard with beautifully done positive vibration. Listen closely to the organ, mastered perfectly by Leon Michel’s production and a nod to Bailey’s influences which range from Stevie Wonder and the Supremes to Bob Marley & the Wailers and Dillinger (all courtesy of his Mother’s record collection). “Good things happen when you’re mind’s right”, and with this project it seems that after an up and down in the record game over the years, he’s found a good home (and fit) at Big Crown Records. “Got me ‘cited like no one else” could be a tag line for this entire record. The masses have been waiting for more from this rising star and this side does not disappoint. Not one bit. This new single is exciting indeed, and this full length record is a proper reflection on his life, free of constraints of corporate conformity; beautifully written and produced. These are the songs that will be reflected on years later, and Bailey’s voice a beacon of hope for generations to come. Listen to the single below and pre-order the full length, available from Big Crown in November.

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