LTF – Give The Horns Some

Following 2018’s Jazz Echo EP, Light The Fuse comes through once again with another set of tracks in the full-length record Monolith. The experienced producer and beatsmith returns with a batch of bangers created from digging in the dustiest and dirties crates in his home country of Russia and other former Soviet countries. The fruit of his labor is transforming these dusty gems that include drums, flutes, double basses, vocal stabs, and horns, among others into original compositions. He’s done it before with great success, and this time is no different. Very skilled in production, he combines instrumental hip hop and dub styles to transform these found samples into his sonic map. With influences such as Pete Rock, Damu the Fudgemunk, The Herbaliser, and dub pioneer Scientist, we hear those influences coming straight through on this latest release. The first listen we get is “Give The Horns Some”, a nod to the Godfather of Soul’s “Give The Drummer Some”, LTF gives props and pays respect to the horns. Starting out moody and dark, the horns do then do their thing over some hard boom-bapish hip hop drums, with some slick dub-wise tricks throughout. These are instrumental layers that get your head moving, but also take on the personality of a free jazz track, with its own personality and energy to go whereever it wants. This is a great peek into this full length and we’re ready to hear the rest of the goodness. A talented digger/ producer/ composer, Light The Fuse made his own lane in this industry. Sampling former USSR wax and giving heads all around the world the chance to actually experience his version of that music (sample by sample) is what music is all about: sharing, learning, and preserving. The record will be out on October 23rd in a limited edition pressing of 300 (200 black and 100 solid red). Listen to the single below:

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