Ghostfunk Orchestra – Fuzzy Logic

As the Summer winds down (I mean, did we even have a Summer?), the music getting released around the world doesn’t. This week we see some top notch cuts being released into the wild, and one of the best we’ve heard to be completely honest is from New York’s Ghostfunk Orchestra. The pandemic has been a hot bed of creativity and it’s no surprise that Ghostfunk have gotten a slew of tracks together for a full length to come out on the ever satisfying Colemine Records label. The latest teaser from the full length Fuzzy Logic, out on the Midwest label in November is a beautiful piece of cinematic soul that blows along like the breeze off of the ocean. This slow burner sees layers and layers of sound, sultry vocals, and bandleader Seth Applebaum really taking this project to another level. The band explores a multitude of aural vibrations, and best believe when that sax solo kicks in, the record goes on to grab your inner psychedelic self and makes sure you’re feeling the vibe. Heady, trippy, and down right feeling free music, this is a good taste of what’s to come from the NYC band come November. We’re screaming for more, and you should be too. This project has come a long way from the solo venture to a full fledged 10 piece orchestra and all the hard work, sweat, and sacrifice has paid off. This band, as we’ve said before, is official; and so is this single. We can’t wait for this full length to drop. Listen to “Fuzzy Logic” below streaming
, and support the band on bandcamp by purchasing the digital single. Bonus video included here as well. Well done GFO.

Bonus tripped out video for the side here:

Get the digital single here.

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