DJs Who Fish

If it’s one thing that we have learned since March, is that things can change very fast. We went from flourishing DJ gig to online DJ gigs (remember them?). But the thing that drove me as a DJ was turning people on to new music. Whether it was in a small bar or a big club, the reaction of people who you touched with music was a really good feeling. With most bars and clubs shuttered or put to a modified capacity, the DJ game as it was or as it will be for the foreseeable future is extremely limited. So we all have turned to different things other than DJing to help us cope. I want to preface by saying that I’ll always buy records, but I’m not buying records as I did because I don’t have the gigs and have no idea when this will turn around. I’m not 100% sure that it’s safe to really be around crowds of people, in close quarters, outside or not, that I trust to not be inebriated and let down their guard after being cooped up for so long. So what I tuned back to, as I did throughout my life, is fishing.

Fishing is a lot like DJing to me. You have to get up early to get the fish like you get up to dig for the records. You’ve got your different species of fish. They will be attracted to different live baits, lures, etc. You need to figure out what kind of equipment you need to catch the fish. You’re not going to have use a extra large hook to attempt to catch a trout (the trout’s mouth is very small), like wise you’re not going to catch a largemouth bass with a tiny hook (you may, but it’s tough to set the hook with that huge. You’re not going to play a 45 on a controller. either. So as digger, while I am looking for different labels, producers, players at flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, etc., as an angler, I am now scouting lakes, streams, ponds, rivers, and other freshwater spots for types of fish: large and smallmouth bass, trout, crappie, pickrel, carp, and anything else that’s lurking in the waters. Of course, there are the sunnies, pumpkinseeds, bluegills, perch, and other smaller species of fish that are really the commons catches of the fish game. Every time I pull up a sunny, it’s like I’m finding a copy of a dinked, common James Brown Record. Although I won’t throw the record away, I won’t turn my head on a small fish either. Some put up a good fight, and I’m ok, really with catching any fish (as long as they don’t swallow the damn hook!). I feel like it’s the same rush to me. You’re also learning every day, just like the record game. Ever tie a knot on a hook? If you have, you’ll know that tying a palomar knot can be easier than tying a uni knot. It’s like putting a turntable headshell/ cartridge/ and stylus together. The Technics headshell is easier to tighten up, etc. than let’s say the Stanton. So you’ve got those characteristics that are similar, but there is a lot more.

Like DJing, it’s a solo sport, but can be social. You’re outside. You’re in the fresh air and good weather. But, if you choose, like yesterday, you can be in not so good weather. The fish will still bite. Records won’t bite in inclement weather, but you can still dig indoors. For me, like I said earlier, it’s the thrill of the chase (like chasing records) of the fish. When you do everything right: you’ve got the hunch that the fish will be biting. You’ve picked your spot. I have talked about The Spot for years, a place that consistently churned out good records. You’ve got your equipment set up just right and you’re using your favorite lure or rubber worm/ hook combo. Then you cast your first line in and BOOM, you get a huge hit. There is nothing like that feeling. Just like that feeling of catching a huge, rare record, landing a great fish gives you that kind of rush as well. I just know that I give the same effort to fishing as I have with record digging, DJ gigs, and promoting the culture. That being said, I am starting a new series called DJs Who Fish. I’ll be highlighting and interviewing DJs from around the world who are also anglers. I’ve got a few lined up, and looking forward to sharing them with you. So until then, fish on and keep digging.

Dig Deeper (for records and fish)

2 responses to “DJs Who Fish

  1. Jameson – really enjoyed your DJs Who Fish piece. I used to fish alot as a kid. My son is 6 1/2 now and I’d like to take him fishing but I dont know any spots. Not asking for your sweet spots, but do you know any common places in the area where dads take little kids to fish? I thought the little lake in Asbury on 5th and Main (I used to live near there), catch some sunnies, get his feet wet so to speak. Anyway, been asking around. THanks – Joey Borzotta

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