Feeling This Friday: MC Juice – Where You Go

Today is Friday and this forty-five is what we are feeling. Some new heat out on Nobody-Buys-Records, and MC Juice lays it down superbly on “Where’d You Go”, a track inspired by the tragic passing of the late, great Nipsey Hussle. Juice has it all on this one. He’s got the flow. He’s got the lyrics, and yes, he’s got some wit and the charm, plus jokes on this one too. This side is produced by Bankrupt Europeans, who hook up a head nodder of a beat that knocks, while Juice gets busy like no other on the M-I-C right now. It’s got that feel, smooth like butter and kinda unfuckable with. While it’s got some comedic sense to it, you know, Juice is saying something serious. Whether it’s Chirac or LA, the shit going down in this game is definitely real. So he puts in perspective and gives it his own Juice touch, which if you haven’t heaqrd before will have you lifting the needle up and putting it down again and again. Who says there is no good hip hop these days? You gotta dig people, and this one is that diamond in the rough. “Where You Go” is available via Nobody-Buys-Records (who have that logo flip we all love plus a stable of hot tracks/ artists for your ear holes) now. Listen to the stream below and cop that heat after the stream!

Get the 45 here.

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