Skinshape – Sun

There is no doubt that the dog days of Summer are upon us, but this Summer is different than any Summer we have had in our lifetime. It’s hard to acknowledge how quickly the hot fun portion of the year has gone, but Will Dorey aka Skinshape has managed to capture his feelings and emotions on this carefree, sweaty time of the year. Here’s what he had to say about his new track “Sun”:

Another track featuring my own vocals, and again more on the Skinshape side of the story. Apart from the horns this is pretty much a bedroom production. The song sounds like it’s about a girl, but is actually about someone who loves hot weather

This chilled out, psychedelic tinged and soulful track will bring a smile to your face, as Dorey’s vocals shine through over guitar and haunting horn stabs. “I need you in my life for the good times” could be referencing a female, but as he’s confessed, it’s about a person liking weather that is on the hot side. And although we dig a more of a Fall type of feeling, we can really relate to him as 2020 drudges on. The sun, it’s warmth and consolation. can give you that same feeling of being loved, awaken your sense and make you feel good. “Sun” has some elements of jazz in it too, which only make the explanation clearer. Put the song on, put your headphones on, take a walk, ride a bike, hike, but see how the sun and song of the same name make you feel. We’re fairly certain you will feel good. Skinshape is wise beyond his years and his music will stand the test of time. This one is out today and available for your turntable on September 25th. Listen to the track below:

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