Coladera- Remix EP

Coming in like the rising tide, musicians Vitor Santana (Brazil) and Joao Pires (Portugal) melded their friendship and musical talents to put forth styles and sounds that mix Portugal, Brazil, and West Africa (more specifically Cape Verde and Angola) together. With two records under their belt, Lá Dôtu Lado and A Luz De Yayá, they now have a remix EP entitled Coladera. It’s four tracks reimagined by people like Jazzanova, Melodiesinphonie, Mo Horizons, and Dubben. This record is perfect for the warm weather, it quite lush. The two tracks we get to preview will calm the most savage of beasts. “Mantafro”, remixed by Jazzanova is a lovely trip to the coast, breeze blowing through your hair, waves crashing against your feet and a pleasurable mix of percussion, guitar, and vocals to lead you right into the synth that gets you on your way. Definitely an early morning or late night jaunt in our opinion, the reworking of this is perfect. The other track we are privy to is “A Luz De Yayá” remixed by Melodiesinfonie. A more upbeat, dance floor friendly mover, the layers put together on this are touching. To us, this screams sunset rooftop party somewhere warm. We’re not talking an all out assault on the dance floor, but a more mature, feel good approach right here. Feel good, it’s what we all need to do, and this track captures the mood and feeling of that from start to finish. Listen to both tracks below, and get the project from the Agogo Records bandcamp page.

Get the EP here.

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