Boca 45 Donut Tees

Lovers and snugglers of the storied seven inch record, the man from Bristol UK, a man that really needs no introduction, Boca 45, has got something for you. There are a lot of tees you can wear, but let’s face it, there is only one Boca 45. The big drum beater DJ/ producer has been steadily putting out music for decades under that name and with others, delighting dance floors and stages across the world. Here’s a chance to rep the medium of vinyl you love (and that he does too) in a variety of colors. These tees are made to order, limited edition, hand printed by Simple Print Studio in Bristol, and printed on Gilden Hammer Tees (so you know that they are top quality). He’s taking a pre-order which will ship out in the second week of September. So, if you’re like us and you want to wear something different, and keep the tees unique, here’s your chance to do so. Boca’s successful Donuts series is really a gem of sevens that complement the man’s career.

He’s also got some Boca 45 Donuts 2020 tees, which are less typography and more graphic with a logo on the back. We dig both, and we think you will too. Don’t sleep, the pre-order will be gone soon!

Listen to the music that inspired the tees below, Donuts 2020:

Pre-order the tees here.

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