Djar One – Tequila

This one is for all those who like to get the party started, like their classic tracks laced with saxophone, while also getting the crowd to stop in their tracks and say: “What??!”. Leave it to Djar One to come back strong on this double sider of funky goodness once again to life our spirits and get us in the mood to get down. His latest forty five, “Tequila” is a beefed up take on one of the most recognizable tracks in the history of music itself. I can vividly remember the classic version of this track blaring out of a stereo in my parents’ house as a child. Cigarette smoke swirling, people dancing, and everyone having a good time. You may also remember Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman dancing at a biker bar and winning the angry crowd over. To us, it’s a feel good, party starter. Djar One chose an alternate version with vocals, which may surprise people, but to be perfectly honest, has a great impact as well. The festivities get started and the sax is heard, so what else do you need? Dancing, of course. In this version, the lister ges to actually hear the vocals which will please the ears. The flip is a cover of “I’m A Believer”, but it’s not Davey Jones crooning it like you might expect. It’s a funky cover of the popular ‘60s classic with head nodding thrown in for good measure. Plenty of surfy drums to get the feet moving on this one. On a whole, this funky seven is a winner. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this funk maestro. Listen to a snippet to both of the tracks below.

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