Takuya Kuroda – Fade

Starting your week off right here at Flea Market Funk we’ve got a name who is synonymous with innovation and good music. Trumpeter, Takuya Kuroda, no stranger to doing things his own way, has been blazing trails with his blending of soulful jazz, post-bop, funk, hip hop, and fusion. Hot off the heels of his last single “Change”, Kuroda returns with another taste from the long player Fly Moon Die Soon with “Fade”. Again tapping the talents of vocalist Corey King, Kuroda hits play on the fusion button on this single and blends Fender Rhodes, beats, Moog bass, as well as some spot on trumpet playing, and a backing band of epic proportions featuring a talented group of Japanese and American players who are holding it down in their own right as well.

This album is about the irony between the greatness of nature and the beautiful obsceneness of humanity. Melodies and grooves fly back and forth from being spiritual to being vulgar.

Haunting and yet oh so soothing at times, this side is a track to put the needle on again and again. We’re also really feeling the the bonus track right here, the Kearl remix of “Fade”, which is given an upbeat version for your ears and maybe the dance floor. Plenty of percussion (the drums bang), the synths pop a bit more, and King’s vocals echo out in this certified head nodder. From start to finish, we like the change from the original. It’s for sure something we were not expecting after hearing the first take, but after listening, realize just how innovative this cat is and implore you to revisit his back catalog and get the full range he has to offwer. The record will come out on First Word Records in Septemeber 2020. Another winner from FW.

Get the single here.

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