Ben Pirani – More Than A Memory

More heat once again out of the Colemine Records kitchen with the new Ben Pirani forty five. “More Than A Memory” is the first single out of the new studio. Ben Pirani and The Means of Production have gone for it in a big way and it’s paid off. This soul stomper is ripe for the dance floor and is filled with strings throughout. A little slice of psychedelic soul with a heavy-duty drum break thrown in there as the song takes you out into a cloud of smokey echo and a steady backbeat that fades out into the black. The strings were arranged by both Ben and mix engineer Rafferty Swink and add a layer to the track that keeps it flying high. This is soul music in 2020, real soul music. It could be ’68, or ’70. Man, it could be ’72. But Pirani is here in the present day, schooling cats on authentic soul music from the first note dropped. This one we are feeling big time. A hat tip to Pirani and The Means of Production and to Colemine records for releasing such a gem. Check out the subtle nod on the label graphics as well, recognize that color combination? If you’re a soul head, you should. This one is going to be right up there with the modern-day soul classics, mark our words. As soon as we’re able to gather (who knows when that will be?), this record will fill dance floors worldwide. For now, get up where you are and move because this record is a bonafide mover. Listen to the track below and order the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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