The Freedom Affair – Give A Little Love

Today’s goodness come out of Kansas City. We highlighted the band a little while back and their tremendous single “Rise Up” released by Colemine Records. Now it’s time for the band to give us their full length. Freedom Is Love. We’ve been waiting for this record, the teaser of that seven inch, which was a powerhouse of a single had us waiting for more as the band promised. And here it is, due out on September 25th, but not before they have thrown another single that will make us happy with”Give A Little Love”. Pushing it back to the early seventies with this one and giving us a little Al Green backbeat vibe, this percussion filled sweet soul has got that positive message too. With some damn near perfect harmonies, we are feeling the love that’s coming out of this track. It’s about loving your brother, your sister, your neighbor. Simple stuff, but let’s face it; people make it hard to do this simple task. Along with the two tracks, we have heard, the full length goes on to explore topics of empowerment, love, heartache, and togetherness via funk, soul, and a little bit of this and that. Powerful harmonies (that are equally powerful on their own) come together to make beautiful music as the six-piece flexes their musical chops to keep this perfectly timed and tuned machine called The Freedom Affair running. This record is exactly what the world needs now. They sing of unity, harmony, and love. They care about the world and people and aren’t afraid to let you know. Recorded and produced by Chris Hazelton who’s no stranger to making good records (using the best in vintage and new recording technologies) and is also known for his authentic funk, soul, and jazz sound. This is music that will be just as relevant decades from now as it is today. This music is filled with love and that goes a long way. The cover art is done by the talented Mo Manley, who’s done work for everyone from Soul In The Horn to Wax Poetics to Soul Summit Chicago. The visuals definitely fit the music. Listen to the two tracks below and grab the album, which is digital right now, we can not wait for the vinyl!

Get the album here.

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