Souleance – Les Mouches

Great to see Souleance back on with the mighty First Word Records (who are Worldwide Winners by the way!), as the decade-old duo get down in the two dash O with some new music that is sure to not just raise your eyebrows but get that blood flowing and tbh, your mind moving as well. These tracks are not just the run of the mill, slap some chords down, put in a sequence and Bob’s yer uncle. They bang with a capital B. The original duo from Normand-Paris (Fulgeance and Soulist) have now added Vincent Choquet on synths and Guillaume Rossel on drums for the live portion of the band and while their sound is still crazy good, they feel beefed up a bit (in sound) and ready to take on the world even more. The two tracks we get to hear off the record, “Aquarelle” (watercolors) and “Les Mouches” both are equally supercharged and moving. “Les Mouches” is inspired by people like Larry Levan and Candido. It has that bass line. It’s got handclaps. You know it well if you’ve been to any disco party, or especially our Shake! party in NYC. It’s classic, timeless, and beckons you to move. Bouncy and upbeat, Choquet gets super busy on the synths and elevates this banger with some magic. The backbeat is dope and this is a track that could take the party until the breakadawn for sure. It was also the name of a famous Manhattan nightclub frequented by Imelda Marcos during the storied Studio 54 era. Think about that for a sec. Now, let’s talk about “Aquarelle”. This track grabs a familiar sound to all you disco heads and flips it in a way (complete with subtle and appropriate scratches) to get downright dirty and funky all the way through. The piano stab and pounding drums are surrounded by handclaps, more drums, and layers of bass and more for your pleasure. Both tracks are steeped with seedy culture nostalgia (but still very much in present-day as well soundwise). With that respectful hat tip to the era and sound, they stay grounded with their own aural delights for audiences and dancefloors to rock to. We believe that Souleance has come out on top with this one (but then again, they always have!). Two became four on this new project and let’s hope for a decade more of this beautiful music.

Get the record here, it’s available 10/9 on First Word.

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