The Budos Band – Long In The Tooth

Seriously, we can’t believe it’s been fifteen years since The Budos Band put out their first record. The Kings of Staten Island are back with a new record and a sound that put their earlier Ethio-funk music together with their later inspirations of psychedelic Black Sabbath inspired sounds. The first tease we get as listeners is the title track of the Lp “Long In The Tooth”. Still dark, still heavy, and filled with hot Farfisa sounds, deep bass, tough as nails drums, and of course a horn section second to none, the band is still as energetic and hot as they were from day one as they show off their sound on this record. The band itself hasn’t changed at all but matured into the powerhouse of global funk and psychedelic lords of the underground they are. There aren’t many bands that sound like them, and with this new record, they will please fans old and new. This well-oiled machine just keeps going and getting better. They’ve put out a record that will no doubt be on top ten lists (whether the like it or not). Their distinctive Budos sound is back and ready for your turntables, speakers, and headphones. This band has not only been a favorite for us here at FMF but for fans the world over. Long in The Tooth, some fifteen years later is another ticket to ride the on the global funk train once again. Here’s yo another decade and a half! Get the album, it releases on October 9th on Daptone Records. Stream “Long In The Tooth” below.

Pre-order the new record here.
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