REWIND! Feeling This Friday: Richie Phoe – Bumpy’s Lament

Sometimes you miss a record. Sometimes a record misses you. But, like we always say: “records find you, you don’t find records.” Such is the case here of this 2009 release that has been repressed once again for your ears and turntables. A straight-up tune to get your head nodding and feeling good on this Friday. This dubwise reinterpretation of the Isaac Hayes classic “Bumpy’s Lament” by Richie Phoe has always been one of our fave covers of the side. The track was covered originally by everyone from El Michels Affair to the Superdudes to Soul Mann and the Brothers and most notably sampled by Mobb Deep and Dre (okay, Erykah too). Phoe’s take on this one goes deep, and as the echo rings out and the steady beat keeps you moving in your seat, we can only think about Augustus Pablo right now, and if he were here with us, he’d be doing a cover like this. Phoe is channeling his spirit on this one, and we love it. The flip, “Electric Boogie” is a hat tip to dancehall of the 1980’s, a smoked out version to get your head on right. We are feeling it this Friday, so if you need a jolt of positivity in your life, we have you covered. So does Richie Phone. Eleven years later this thing still knocks. Check out both tracks below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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