Thijsenterprise – Soul Food & Skunk Breaks

Here’s something for you this am: a sample-based beat tape from Thijsenterprise focused completely on getting high. That’s right, we said it, this thing is exclusively for those who like to hang with Mary jane, dab, roll a spliff, or like Mister mef says: ‘roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.” Hatched out of a guest appearance/ mix on SoulFoodForTheKids’ Smoke Break in 2018 who’s focus was enhancing the music experience when smoking. After being a guest on the show, the experience moved Thijsenterprise, who decided to make his own. This is the fifth release from the talented producer, and we’re pretty excited for this project. We love a good mixtape to put you in the right mood, especially if its made specifically to enhance the listener’s experience. Layered soul and jazz samples, raw and dirty drums sit alongside deep basslines and are put together perfectly on this project. He’s also got another release coming out too, Night Store Beats. a double dose of goodness for your ears. This is recommended if you like soul and jazz joints over special drum patterns and being able to relax with a smoke, headphones or not. Stream the project below and buy it after stream. Great stuff from this top-notch beatsmith. Look for another upcoming project called Lahringen which releases in November.

Get the project here.

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