Feelin’ This Friday: Uncle Shoes IPA

One of the realest MFers out there, House Shoes, is always up to big things. We don’t need to go into this dude’s past, because if you are not aware of this man’s pedigree than you need to turn in your card (or get busy on the long discography). Producer of straight-up bangers for years, badass DJ, Street Corner Music honcho, some of the deepest crates in the game, and a guy who takes no shit from anyone while simultaneously schooling herbs on social media, can now add craft beer to his long list of accomplishments. On Monday, his Uncle Shoes IPA (Incredibly Poppin’ Ale) goes up for pre-sale on Craft Beer Kings. Here’s a little info on the beer:

UNCLE SHOES IPA – Incredibly Poppin Ale!! A Poppin DDH Double IPA with Citra, Galaxy, & Simcoe Hops!

ABV: 8.3%

That’s a nice Alcohol By Volume as well, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice Double IPA these days? You’ll also get a free 23 track album produced by your favorite Uncle when you scan the #beertape QR code on the can. That sounds like a win-win situation if you ask us. It’s not every day that your Uncle is doing a beer collab and also getting you some deep cuts from just scanning the can. That’s some next-level shit right there. Also, if you’re not tuning in to him on Twitch, put a quarter in your ass because you played yourself. These sessions are spot on. So if craft beer and beats are your things (Shout out to Chris Maestro over at Bierwax), pre-order some of this goodness from your Uncle Shoes.

Pre-order the beer here. The beer ships on 9/21.

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