High Pulp – Bad Juice

Ahh, Seattle. Coffee, Rain. Nirvana. Supreme La Rock. Oh yeah, Shawn Kemp (throw that back hoop fans).High Pulp. Wait, not familiar with High Pulp? Well let’s get into this introduction, shall we? This eight piece band coming from the West Coast came out of The legendary Royal Room, a jazz club (that is synonymous with music in Seattle). It was here they stood at the pulpit and held their Funk Church since 2017. These jam sessions showcased their sound: progressive and psychedelic hip hop, soul, funk, and jazz. Championed by music voice KEXP and on the forefront of the Seattle music scene, their 2018 record Bad Juice has now been reissued and given the deluxe treatment by indie powerhouse record label from the UK King Underground. We got the scoop a few moths ago on this band and were surprised they hadn’t graced the pages of this site yet. Their sound is a perfectly roasted like some fine coffee (sorry Starbucks), blending those jazz elements with mood altering grooves and a drive that pushes the listener to let go and grab ahold of their sound and hold on to its movements. Elements of cinema and soundtrack sounds creep into these movements as well. Able to swing it with big band horns, or move flawlessly to late night dirty jazz funk, high tempo ska, or get busy in a jazz/ rock style, the collective builds the sounds adding hip hop fusion to the mix as well. Included are the space jam “Dave” as well as a live performance on KEXP that is highly recommended. This is the first of a long journey for the band, as King Underground has put this band up high on their roster, given the record a new look and featured on color vinyl as well as three more upcoming releases planned on the label. Listen to the band below and preorder the record after the streams.

Check out the space jam “Dave” below:

High Pulp Live on KEXP Full Show:

Album teaser:

Pre-order the record, available on King Underground October 23rd.

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