Monk One: Vol. 2: The Jeep Beats

“Boomin’ in your boomin’ in your boomin’ in your Jeep! Whether you’re Q-Tip, Kenny Dope, or Screechy Dan, if it was the ’90s, you were doing exactly that. The method of transportation roaming around the city was a Jeep, Pathfinder, Isuzu Trooper, MPV or Range Rover. Your back was banging like a Benzi, Pyramid, Bazooka Tube, or whatever boomin’ system you put in it so it would knock (preferably loud with the windows rolled down). That being said, Monk One is back once again with his second volume from the Riker’s Island Archives. The maestro from BK gets busy once again with some downright nasty nineties chops that feature plenty of heavy drums and bass, plus the blunted out dancehall, dirty jazz, and party breaks to snap that neck. These are upbeat, heavy, and are made to stand the test of time. There is a reason that the Golden Age is held on to so tightly by old heads and new school bucks alike. They have a certain feel. Whether it’s Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Tip, or Preemo (let’s not forget Easy Mo Bee either), these distinct beats made heads nod and windows rattle with each hit of the bass drum. Monk Uno captures this perfectly on the second volume of his Riker’s series. Tracks like “Stickitup Mista”, “Slouch The Second” (heavy, heavy on the jazz and boom-bap tip), “Bust Your Mind” (honey drips all the way to make your head nod), and “Know Fi Rock” (a great example of the dancehall influence and injection into ’90s party tracks) are just a few of the bangers you get on The Jeep Beats. There are ten tracks in total and an eleventh bonus track which is a sample of the next volume dropping: The Hip Hop Remakes. For those who are students of this game, the class is in session. For those who appreciate the timeless period in hip hop, “I know you gonna dig this.” Listen to the project below:

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