The Vicious Seeds – Nude and Dangerous

There is no shortage of creativity or funky good times that come out of the Detroit, Michigan record label Funk Night. You can not have that name and serve tepid semi-nuggets to your audience. No sir. Frank Raines does not play that type of game. Instead, he enlists top-notch bands to put out records that keep the indie-funk ethos alive. One of these bands is The Vicious Seeds. Coming out of Saint Petersburg, Russia (where Spotify just was legalized this past July), they go off on their latest forty-five on the label. “Nude And Dangerous” is a jazz-funk side that throws it back to a time when the bands hit the circuit, dressed sharply, and this music captured people’s emotions. Full of that heavy backbeat/ guitar combination, she’s a mover. More O’Donel Levy with some Little Beaver thrown in, we’ve got a nice injection of vibes in the track too. This elevates it to a higher level. The flip, “Call Of The Sylva” is a bit darker. Still, with that guitar, it’s more cinematic. Think a chase through the city on foot, shot in black and white, weaving in and out of crowds, hiding in doorways, and an eventual escape on the city subway. A cheeky wave and then they’re gone. It’s a second dose of the heavy funk that we can get behind here. Listen to the track below and pre-order from Funk Night after the stream.

Pre-Order the record here.

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