Little Barrie & Malcolm Catto – After After

Here’s something that should be on your radar. Two powerhouses of musicianship crashing together to bring you the psychedelic blues rock you didn’t know you needed. But let’s face it, you do need this. This classic British power trio along the lines of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience (but yet so much more) is comprised of Barrie Cadigan (aka Little Barrie), guitar, Lewis Wharton, bass, and originally Virgil Howe, drums. With the untimely passing of Howe in 2017, Quartermass Seven is the first project since the critically acclaimed Death Express. Knowing full well they weren’t looking to replace Howe, their genius minds met Malcolm Catto, and the rest is history. The aforementioned sound that is so much more has freakbeat and the Manchester sound circa ’88 meeting acid rock from San Francisco in the ’60s and sounds of the 1970s Bronx, NYC rolled into it all. Recorded at Catto’s Quartermass studios, a museum filled with analog gear, and with Catto’s precise prowess behind the mixing board and power on the drums, the record was recorded live with minimal overdubs and mastered to 1/4 inch tape. The addition of Malcolm Catto has moved Little Barrie into different aural regions, expanding their already spot-on sound. The first single we get a chance to hear is an eight-minute plus opus in “After After”. This journey through a fuzzy wall of sound via Hackney is an incredible piece of minimalist musicianship from start to finish. Peppered with raw sounds, The Heliocentrics drummer has added even more layers to this already polished band on the track. For those of you who have been paying attention to Little Barrie and their journey, this is a new direction in sound, but that’s not a bad thing at all. This band has always been way ahead of trends, way ahead of others, and doing it all on their own volition and doing it well. This record is out now digitally via Madlib Invazion, with the vinyl to follow after. Stream “After After” below and order after the stream. Don’t sleep. One of the most exciting records to come out of 2020, hands down.

Get the record here.

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