Night Owls – Groovin’

There’s always good news when Night Owls put out another record. The reggae outfit has some more hot wax to go straight on to your turntable. Taking on the stone-cold classic “Groovin’ ” by the Young Rascals (and infusing Willie Mitchell’s track of the same name and a hat tip to the Wu-Tang Clan), Night owls give us a reggae rendition we have yet to have heard. They’ve enlisted the vocal stylings of SoCal and Jungle Fire’s own Jamie Allensworth to sweeten the pot of reggae stew. Now, this is no ordinary cover, as the original takes on an island-style, with the buttery smooth Allensworth grabbing this track and running with it to a place where any music lover old or young could appreciate. Roger Rivera’s work on the organ is in simple words: dope. Thrown in the maestro Dan Ubick on guitar and Dave Wilder on bass (along with the backbeat of Blake Colie), and you’ve got a future classic right here. This is a track that we can get behind people. No matter where you are, it just invokes sunshine and palm trees and a cold beer in your hand. Well done night owls. But, flip the record and you get a slightly different instrumental version that has even more organ for your pleasure. Rivera really gets to shine and show you how great his playing and this song really is. Listen to both tracks and pre-order the seven inch after the stream. Groovin’ was never better.

Pre-order the forty-five here from F-Spot Records.

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