The Stance Brothers – On Top

This one is a little seven inch that has flown under the radar and will be available in early November. Producer/drummer Teppo Mäkynen gets right down to funky jazz business with his alias The Stance Brothers. This one is a groover like the king Ramsey Lewis or George Benson breezin’ right across your room and on to the turntable. The track is rock solid and with guitar and flute (played by ever-reliable of Diamond T aka Timo Lassy). It reminds us of some late ’60’s/ early ’70s swinging soul-jazz that had the jazz set coming back for more down at The Lighthouse for weeks on end. It feels West Coast but to be honest, also hits up library music feels as well. But there is so much more, as the flip side (doesn’t it always win?) is another soul-jazz heat rock with some hip organ and vibes. These tracks are ripe for the dance floor early on and most definitely can be enjoyed on your home turntable at your own leisure. This ongoing seven-inch record series by We Jazz Records comes with old-style heat pressed labels and the always loved generic brown sleeve. The wax releases on November 6th. Listen to the side and pre-order it below:

Pre-order from We Jazz Records here.

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