Feeling This Friday: Two Delights Remixes by Markey Funk

We’ve been covering the heavy sounds of Delights Records from the very beginning. Markey Funk has the psych/ funk/ heavy, heavy, monster sound down to a tee. Whether it’s horror core soundtracks, deep outer space grooves, or universal psychedelic movements, the Delights label is in its own league and no one is coming close to what they have been putting out in 4 years. Not familiar? It’s still not too late for this to happen and for you to board this psychedelic rocket ship headed towards the abyss. These two tracks put forth before us today are super heavy groove reworkings of local Israeli bands. Markey Funk has put his magic touch on “Magic” by Men of the North Country and “Sparks” by 3421. Dabbling in psychedelia, science fiction, original soundtrack and cinematic scores, and even some electronica, these both push the limits of bpms and drums, and for those of you who have been hearing the Delights releases, might be surprised at how different these tunes sound. They are feathers in the cap of Markey Funk, who is as talented as they come. With his guidance, the maestro pushes the limits and comes out of the lab with two great reworks. For some, these two record sides are a reintroduction to the label and a move forward, for others, a proper introduction to a whole new music set and sound. Listen to both tracks below as we are definitely feeling them this Friday.

Pre-order the record here.

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