Buy Me Boston 2

After the mega-success of the first edition Buy Me Boston, author Brian Coleman is back again with the second edition of cultural print from the Boston area. Chosen as one of the best books of 2018 by legendary WBGH, it’s a historical look at local businesses, music venues, and other advertisements and how they got their message across to the public to patronize their establishments. Self-published on his Dignified and Old imprint, this go around on Buy Me Boston 2, he enlisted the help from designer Caryn Hirsch, who worked in the advertising department of the Boston Phoenix in the 1980s and 1990s to help narrow down the over 3,000 ads, flyers, and ticket stubs to 600.

“A treasure chest of Boston memorabilia.”

– Boston Globe (Nina MacLaughlin)

He also got Boston’s ‘Godfather of Punk,’ Willie ‘Loco’ Alexander; Erik Lindgren (Arf Arf Records and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic); and Boston jazz author and historian Dick Vacca involved as well, scanning many print assets from their collections for contributions to the book. Also using sources from the David Bieber and Kay Bourne Archives, this book does not only appeal to life long Boston residents, who will walk down memory lane and have their memory jarred at the site of these blasts from the past, but anyone who is into pop culture, music history, or the DIY aesthetic. Out Nov. 17, it’s a welcome addition to any eclectic bookshelf or coffee table.

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