Bronx Slang Mixtape

This one has been out for a few weeks, but we waited. Because now is the time, the night before election night to review this very important mixtape coming from duo Bronx Slang. As the world starts to meltdown around us, and with hatred and racism at an all-time high (or did it just hibernate through Obama’s presidency and awake when Trump got elected?), this is not just NYC through and through, it’s a look at the world from the street level. It’s an honest look at what’s really going on.

This is our broadcast, our publication – the information never stops

We’ve got nineteen minutes for Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs to get their views across and you better get your rewind finger ready, because you’ll be doing a lot of it. With UK producers Jadell and Fake Blood on the mix, they lay down the beat blueprint in a golden era way, but in their own altogether. These two groups, emcees and producers mix so smoothly, they can even rap and work together over a Batman theme. Yo Pat James Longo, you’ll need this one! This is as real as it gets and if you’re a hip hop head, and we’re not talking about Weezy stuntin’ with some clown, we’re talking about street soldiers who are down with reality, not fantasy. This is one of the highlights of the year for us people. Whether it’s a long single or an album preview (it’s both), don’t sleep on some hip hop mastery on this one. A perfect soundtrack to get you ready to vote (and you better vote because this election is the most important EVER!) Listen to the mixtape below and purchase after the stream:

Get the mixtape here.

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