Thijsenterprise – Lahringen

Today’s feature is from Reinier Thijs a.k.a. Thijsenterprise and his latest release Lahringen. It’s a punk rock meets jazz feeling on this record; a saxophone going to and fro, screeching to a bass line as the Dutch maestro shows that all bets are off in this new jazz swing long-player. Taking inspiration from everyone from Gato Barbieri (his hat tip on “El Arriero”) to James Chance and even The Lounge Lizards, this record may not be for everyone, but for those that keep up, it’s new jazz mayhem that one can dig into deep.

When I started making beats, that came from a deep love for hip-hop but also to see if I could create music without my saxophone. In that sense, I’m more of a musician rather than I’m a beatmaker

With an attitude and fervor, he puts forth sixteen tracks that go hard like Rollins getting in a van and nonstop touring. Each stop on the map is a track here, and Thijsenterprise goes hard. It’s free jazz punk rock freak out, with a mosh pit all around and skanking breakdowns. The track that we’re drawn to is “Sketchy”. It’s a skateboarding reference about landing a trick a bit sloppy, and this track is far from sloppy. It is a track that moves forward and gets right to the center of things. The artist himself calls it “catchy”, and we wholeheartedly agree. The beat reminds us of some off-kilter afrobeat while the sax is ’80s NYC loft jazz you’d find blaring out of a window in the LES. Listen to “Sketchy”, then listen again. Feel your head move. Then your shoulders. Then your whole body. Then remember this name: Thijsenterprise. You’ll be hearing a lot from this fella in the future.

Pre-order for 11/27 release.

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